This Restaurant Kept Getting Awful Reviews. Then They Discovered Something Mind-Blowing…

July 23, 2014


This Goat Refused To Eat For Six Days. Here’s What Happens When They Bring In His Best Friend…

July 20, 2014

One day, a 10-yr old goat named Mr. G arrived to Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch adoption center. For a decade he lived with a burro on the property of an animal hoarder. The goat and Jellybean the burro were adopted separately by two different animal sanctuaries.

Mr. G refused to eat. He spent his days lying in a corner of his stall, barely lifting his head. After health exams revealed nothing physically, it became evident Mr. G was in mourning, assuming his friend Jellybean had disappeared forever. He was inconsolable. After six days of starving himself, they decided to bring Jellybean to the same sanctuary.

Here’s their reaction when they’re finally together:

Wait Until You See How This Soldier Surprised His Family. Their Reaction Is Priceless…

July 16, 2014

Bethany Bronson and her four children were enjoying a nice day at the beach, swimming in the ocean and counting down the weeks until US Air Force Captain Hyrum Bronson would return home to them. Little did they know he was much much closer. Disguised as a scuba diver, Hyrum emerged from the water to give them the most amazing surprise ever.

This Big Adult Dog Was Having An Awful Nightmare. Now Keep Your Eye On The Puppy…

July 15, 2014

One night while filming her new Golden Retriever puppy sleeping next to her older dog, Ariel Goodman caught the puppy appearing to comfort the older dog during a bad dream. She had only had the puppy for a few days, but it goes without saying they are now best friends and absolutely love each other.

This is officially the cutest video ever, I especially love the little “Hey human! Do something!” look. Share this thoughtful puppy with your friends below, and make them go ‘aww’.

What Happens When You Order Something Online And Ask For A Picture Of A Pony…

July 15, 2014