This Random Guy Was Pulled Onstage During A Concert. And He Totally Nails It.

August 31, 2014

Typically, the star surprises the fans. This time, it was the other way around.

This Is Patrick. He Is My New Favorite Animal, And He’ll Probably Be Yours, Too.

August 30, 2014

This is Patrick the wombat. He weighs 84lbs (38kg) and recently celebrated his 29th birthday. Wombats are a four-legged marsupial that are native to Australia.

Patrick the wombat just happens to be the oldest living wombat in captivity.


Patrick was orphaned as a baby before he was taken in and hand raised by the owners of the park.


Patrick is 29 years-old (most wombats in captivity only live to be about 20).


This basically makes him the Wombat King.


The team at the park tried releasing Patrick back into the wild a couple of times but he always came back.


Patrick’s mom was run over by a car, so his rescuers took him out of the pouch and brought him to a rehabilitation center.


Patrick greets visitors in the car park from his wheelbarrow.


His legions of fans have turned ‘Wombat Pat’ into something of a celebrity.


Patrick loves humans so much, he refuses to be released into the wild. Somehow, he always finds his way back. We love you, too, Patrick!

Couple Saves Chubby Prairie Dog Stuck In Hole. The End Of The Video Is Too Darn Cute!

August 29, 2014

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Clever Homeowners Stop A Birdseed-Stealing Squirrel In His Tracks…

August 27, 2014

They loved having animals in their backyard, but this squirrel would eat all of the birdseed before the birds had a chance. The humane solution they came up with is pure genius. And he keeps on trying…

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August 26, 2014

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